What your doctor should know about your medical history before you start Generic Viagra

The best thing to do before taking any drug is to visit a doctor. It does not matter whether you have other medical conditions or not, your doctor will carry out a professional examination, check your medical history and give you more information about the medication you are going to use.

doctorYou cannot for sure decide if Viagra is absolutely safe for you. So consult your doctor beforehand and tell him if you have:
 heart problems such as a history of any heart accident, angina, heart failure, arrhythmia, narrowing of the aortic valve
 vision disorders (retinitis pigmentosa, a NAION history or any retinal problem)
 kidney or liver dysfunction
 allergic reactions to drugs
 Peyronie’s disease, a history of priapism
 other serious conditions

It is of great importance to inform your doctor about other medications you regularly or periodically use.

If you doctor thinks that other tests and special medical procedures are needed to assess your general health, do not neglect them. Follow your doctor’s advice.