Erectile Dysfunction – Treatment and Prevention

Viagra is a well known treatment option for erectile dysfunction. The active ingredient in Viagra is the compound Sildenafil. Sildenafil was initially intended to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension, but had the unusual but consistent effect of relieving erectile dysfunction. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer is responsible for the development of the drug and is currently marketing it towards a broader range audience of men who have erectile dysfunction. This drug is one of the best known to work for most people who have erectile dysfunction.

The small blue colored pill has an effect on the cGMP specific phosphodiesterase type 5 enzyme which controls the blood flow to the penis. This makes it possible for the penis to become engorged with blood as soon as the drug takes effect. The ability for the drug to work within the body is a time span between 30 minutes to 4 hours after the pill has been taken. The Viagra dosage can differ from person to person but higher dosage can be more dangerous for some people. When the dosage amount is prescribed by the doctor, it is usually done by a set of criterion which can affect how the drug works in most people.

The side effects of Viagra are generally mild and will not cause a large deal of discomfort for those who are treated with it. The most common side effects will include headaches, flushing, stomach discomfort, nasal congestion and blurred vision. Each side effect could simply be partly caused by lack of hydration and the lowering of blood pressure when the penis is erect. Treating the symptoms of the side effects can be very simple and possibly just waiting long enough for the pill’s effects to wear off.

Dangerous risks involved with the use of Viagra can be widespread for those who have preexisting conditions. Severe hypotension (low blood pressure) as well as heart attacks, stroke, sudden hearing loss and more are possible when taking Viagra. Those who have cardiovascular disease may suffer more from these effects during intercourse because the drug is designed for healthy individuals.

The drug only works when specific stimulation of the cGMP enzyme is in effect. Going without this stimulation will leave the person without an erection. Those who have taken the pill but have run the course of the dosage will be fine if they do not have an erection. The drug is simply broken down and processed through the liver and kidneys and expelled from the body once it is used up. It is not recommended that the drug be taken more than once a day by individuals. Overdose is possible and can cause death if not treated immediately.