What Are the Latest Medications For Erectile Dysfunction?

Medications for erectile dysfunction are most sought-after by men who are inflicted by the sexual health problem which is characterized by the difficulty to have a hard on which is enough to sustain the time frame to be spent for sexual intercourse. By all means, both partners fail to get satisfied.

How about you? Do you want to end your dilemma? Surely you can. There are the latest medications for erectile dysfunction which the advantage of science has revealed.

First of all, the popularity of Viagra has been toppled by two more additions to the list. They are the Levitra and Cialis. Both are used to address this male issue by blocking off the so-called phosphodiesterase or PDE5 enzyme. They improve the flow of the blood towards the penis and then enhance the sexual desire to be able to sustain an erection.

Then there is the injection which must be prescribed by the physician. Its effect takes on after approximately five minutes upon the medication has been administered.

The topical creams are likewise among the latest medications for erectile dysfunction. These creams are applied onto the skin so as to stimulate the proper flow of blood bound for the penis.

Erectile dysfunction pumps are employed for the routine exercise that promotes the enlargement and erection of the penis.

Overall, the latest medications for erectile dysfunction are available online. It is only proper that you search for the best and safest product to use in addressing your problem. This male issue has a solution and now is the right time to procure it.